Telephone Directories 

The following information was found on Ancestry.com and shows the actual telephone directory entries for 1975

Dackombe - 1975 - Outer London: South West Essex
Ingrbrn 40672 Dackombe A. J. 7 Penzance Gdns, Harold Hl
  01 508 6935 Dackombe R. W. 79 Burney Dv, Loughton
  01 501 1359 Dackombe A. A. 21 Henrys Wlk, Hainault, Ilford
  01 595 6598 Dackombe C 53 Cambeys Rd, dagenham
  01 505 1075 Dackombe R. J. 44 Chalford Wlk, Woodford Gn

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