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1st September 2009. I have added some new areas today. Ancestry has recently added details for Criminal Records and there are just four Dackombe names in this, then there was an Article by Geoffrey Mann about the Dackombe family, and I have added more details on the WWI Dackombe Pension page and finally I have started adding details from the 1911 Census, again at the present time only for the DACKOMBE name. I have tidied up some of the other pagers.

29th July 2007. Over recent weeks I have added a lot of additional information for the Dackombe name. There are a lot of new areas to look at, some are not complete as yet but I am working through the various areas adding the information. Ancestry.com has added British Telephone Directories and 1st World War Pensions, both of which I have found have quite a few Dackombe entries. Also new information regarding Dackombe's in Canada, the United States and Australia.

5th December 2011. Over recent weeks I have, because of the vast amount of extra information added several new areas to the Dackombe/Dacombe part of this web site, which included London and Dorset BMD's Australian and New Zealand Electoral Rolls, Railway and Postal Workers, more War Medal information and London Dacombe Indentures. A lot of these are not complete and there are still more areas to be covered. I will continues update the information as more becomes available. It should give anyone research the Dackombe name and it variants a large source of information. 

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