The Jolin Family
by Ann Parnell

As a child I had been interest in stories my grandfather had told us about his family's origins, about how the Jolins had originally been a wealthy family in France but had fled to Jersey to escape the French Revolution, of the brickworks that had once owned which had eventually been demolished and replaced by glasshouses for growing tomatoes, and of the Join ancestor who had been tried for the murder of his father and had been the last person to be publicly hanged on Jersey! I had always been curious about what had happened and with help from the Channel Island Family History Society I attempted to try and find out.

The earliest instance of our Jolin name that I have come across in any Jersey record is the baptism of Marie Magdeleine, daughter of Jacques Jollin and Marie Arault on 24 September 1732 in St Helier, (nearly sixty years before the French Revolution). Jacques and Marie had a further four daughter and two sons, Jacques and Pierre, all of whom were baptised in St. Helier. All subsequent records appear to spell the surname with one "l". Between the late 1700s and 1870s I found several Jolin families living on Jersey, nearly all of them in the St. helier area, and all descended from Jacques and Marie, but today the surname appears to have died out on Jersey and in the Channel Islands. Even on mainland Britain the name is very rare, but of the instances I came across, I found that nearly all can be traced beck to Jacques Jollin and Marie Arault.

JACQUES and the St Helier families
Jacques, my great-great-great grandfather, was Jacques and Marie's fourth child and elder son and was baptised on 19 November 1740. He married Anne LE BAILLY on 27 August 1762 in St. Helier. Anne was noted in the register as being a 'refugierre' and her name appears in the 1750 list of French Protestants in Jersey when she was aged 15. It seems likely that the Jolins were also Huguenot refugees.

Jacques and Anne had six sons and five daughters, all baptised in St Helier, the eldest, Anne on 3rd August 1763, Jacques and Anne produced the only known twins in our Jolin family, George and Susanne, who were recorded as being twins when they were baptised on 8th June 1774. I have come across no further record of George of Susanne, but George's five brothers all grew up to marry and have families living in St. Helier:

JACQUES - their second child, he was baptised 31st August 1764 and married Marie LE CRONIER. They had five sons and six daughter of whom six are known to have died in infancy.

JEAN - their third child, he was baptised 3rd December 1765, married Marie LE CORDIER and had three children, all baptised in St. Helier:

  1. JEAN - baptised in 1791.
  2. PHILIPPE - baptised in 1796
  3. MARIE - baptised in 1799

PIERRE - their fourth child, he was baptised 30th September 1767. He married Susanne Marguerite LE SUER, daughter of Philippe Le Suer and Anne ROMERIL, in 1788 in St. Helier. They had three sons and four daughters, all baptised in St. Helier:

  1. SUSANNE - baptised 2nd September 1789
  2. AARON - baptised 3rd July 1792, he married Elizabeth SLOUS of Lawrence, 27th October 1814. They had two children, both baptised in St. Helier.
    1. ELIZABETH - baptised 26th February 1815
    2. JEAN - baptised 18th February 1818
  3. ANNE - baptised November 1793, buried the following year.
  4. ANNE - baptised 1795, married Frnacois LE SUER, 2nd October 1825 in St. Helier.
  5. PHILIPPE - baptised 20th June 1780.
  6. DANIEL - baptised 11th November 1803.
  7. MARIE - baptised 29th November 1808, married Philip George HORMAN, 28th November in St. Helier.

DANIEL and the move to London
My great-great-grandfather, he was the seventh child of Jacques Jolin, jnr, and Anne Le Bailly. Daniel was baptised on 5th August 1772, and worked as a carpenter. He married Jeanne MOUTIER, daughter of Guillaume Moutier and Jeanne HUBERT on 5th March 1795 in St. Helier. They had eighteen children baptised in St. Helier of whom only nine are believed to have survived infancy. It was with these Jolins that the move away from Jersey to seek a better life in London began during the mid 1800s.

DANIEL - and the brickworks
The eldest child of Daniel and Jeanne, he was baptised on 29th January 1796. He was a master-brickmaker and owned a small brickworks at Longueville in St Saviour. Although the brickworks has long since disappeared the site where it stood is marked today by the road name Old Brickfield's Lane. Daniel died 5th October 1875 at his home in Longueville aged 80, having outlived most of his brothers and sisters and mahy of his nieces and nephews. He had never married and on his death the bulk of his money and property was left to his widowed sister Julie, the only one of his siblings still alive on Jersey. There was also a substantial bequest to Julie's daughter, Julia Mary, and many smaller bequests to nieces and nephews and servants, 900 to his brother Francois (my great-great-grandfather, who by then had been living in London for twnety years), and 5 to be used to help the needy of St. Saviour Parish.

WILLIAM - the fourth child, he was baptised 15th March 1797 and followed his father's occupation as a carpenter. He married Elizabeth Susanna LE CRONIER on 21st November 1822 in St. Helier. They had four children , all baptised in St. Helier.

  1. WILLIAM - baptised November 1823, but died in infancy
  2. JANE ELIZABETH - baptised 16th April 1828
  3. HARRIET/HENRIETTA - baptised 1831
  4. WILLIAM - baptised 5th December 1833. He married Martha McCRUM, (born 1842, the daughter of james McCrum).
    They had five children:
    1. GEORGE - born 1870
    2. WILLIAM - born 1871
    3. DANIEL JAMES ALFRED- born 20th August 1872, St. helier, died 1899, Hull, England, aged 26.
    4 HENRY - born 1875
    5 LYDIA - born 1879.

PHILIPPE - their sixth child, he was baptised 31st March 1802 and married Jane MARETT of St. Clement on 25th January 1824 in St. Helier. he was a bookmaker by trade and by 1851 he had a shop at 16 Providence Street. They had three sons and six daughter, all born or, baptised in St Helier:

  1. JANE - baptised 28th July 1824
  2. PHILIPPE - baptised 14th August 1826
  3. AUGUSTUS PHILIPPE - born 1828, he became a master bootmaker like his father and had a premises at 37 Halkett Place. He married louisa Harriet BRAKE in 1847 in St. Helier and they had four children in St. Helier. Between 1855 and 1857 Augustus and his family moved away from Jersey and settled in London where they lived at 49 Rochester Row in Westminster and had four more children. Louisa died 10th July 1887 and Augustus 19th August 1899, both in London. Their eldest child, Augustus Elisha/George, born 21st October 1848, moved to Salford where he married Jane Hannah FEARN in 1878 and lived in the Salford and Bolton areas where he has present-day descendents still living. Augustus and louisa's other children remained in London and had families there.
  4. HENRY CHARLES - baptised 27th July 1832, he also worked as a boot and shoemaker like his father and brother. he and his wife Jane had five children in St. Helier and then moved to the St. Olave district of London in the late 1860s, where Jane died in 1895 aged 62. Their two sons, Edgar henry, born in 1860 and Henry Charles, born in 1864, both lived and died in the London area. Edgar Henry married in 1887 and had a large family.
  5. ELEANORA SUSANNE - baptised 20th April 1834, she emigrated to Victoria, Australia, in June 1854.
  6. MARY - born in 1835, she was unmarried and worked as a servant in the St. Clement area.
  7. ANN - baptised 28th September 1836, she may have died in infancy.
  8. CELINE CHARLOTTE - baptised 8th September 1841.
  9. LOUISE - born in 1845, she worked as a servant/nurse.

JANE ELIZA- the seventh child and baptised in 1803, she married Jean RENOUF of St John on 23rd September 1829 in St. helier. They had two children, Francois and Jane.

JEAN - their tenth child, baptised 22nd February 1807.

FRANCOIS - the thirteenth child and my great-great-grandfather, he was baptised 12th September 1810. He married Maria BUDGE daughter of Andrew Budge, a labourer, and his wife Mary. She was baptised on 17th November 1822 at Elburton, near Plymstock in Devon. Francois and maria married on 7th December 1845 in St. helier, whre Francois worked as a painter, but sometime between 1855 and 1858 the family left Jersey and moved to the Mile End district of London where Francois, now known as Francis Philip, died in 1876 aged 67. Maria died in 1911 aged 89 in Hackney, London. Their children were:

  1. ELIZA JANE - born 1846 in St saviour, married 1873 in Mile End, London
  2. FRANCIS SAMPSON DANIEL - born 16th November 1847 in St. helier.
  3. MARIA LOUISA - born 19th October 1849 in St. Helier.
  4. JOHN GEORGE CHARLES - born 9th August 1851 in St Helier. He didn't marry and died in 1917 aged 65 in Poplar, London.
  5. ALFRED JAMES ANDREW - my great-grandfather, he was born on 8th April 1855 in St. helier. He married Sarah Ann SIMPSON, daughter of Henry Wade SIMPSON (NOTE from John TERRY - this is the route back to the DACKOMBE family) and Rebecca, on 6th August 1883 in Hackney, London. Alfred worked as a brushmaker and later as a painter. He is said to have been very politically minded and helped to organize meeting for the then Liberal Party. Sarah died in 1921 aged 55 and Alfred in 1929 aged 74, both in Camberwell, London Sarah's brother, Aquila Wade SIMPSON, built up what was said to have been the largest undertaking concern in East London at that time. Two of Sarah's sons both worked for him. Aquila is said to have been quite wealthy and was often seen on Epsom racecourse where he was known as Dr Quill in the days before veterinary surgeons. He bred his own breed of pure black 'dancing' horses who were a feature of his funeral. When he died Aquila's two sons inherited the business, but they appear to have had little interest in it and they quickly spent their inheritence, the business finally having to be sold. Alfred and Sarah had ten children, two of them died as babies. Their eldest child, Francis/Frank was born in 1884 and was blind. He worked for his uncle Aquila as a French polisher of coffins. The next child, Alfred Henry, was born in 1887 and he also worked for Aquila. He was a coffin-maker and made his mother's coffin for her funeral. my grandfather, Daniel Philip, was born 2nd january 1896 and was their seventh child. Some of Alfred and Sarah's descendents still live in London, but many are scattered across Britain from North Wales to Southen.
  6. ROBENIE BUDGE - born in 1858 in Mile End, she married in 1883 in West Ham in London.
  7. JAMES THOMAS WEST - born in 1861 in Mile End, he married in 1883 in Bethnal Green in London. He died 7th November 1890 aged 29 in Poplar in London. His wife, Rosina Eliza, died in 1925 aged 63. They had two daughters, Madeline Rose, who died unmarried in 1961 aged 76 in West Ham, and Ethel Eva, who died in 1890 just three years old.
  8. JOSEPH PHILIP GEORGE - died as a baby in 1862 in Mile End.
  9. REBECCA ANN - born in 1864, she died in 1871, aged 6, in Mile End.

JULIE - their fifteenth child of Daniel and Jeanne, she was baptised on 11th April 1813. On 17th November 1833 in St. Saviour she married a neighbouring widower, Jean Aubin, who was 29 years older than her. His first wife had died twenty years ealier in 1813 within a few weeks of the baptism of their second child. The two children are believed to have both died in infancy. Julie and Jean had five children, but only the eldest, Julie Marie, baprised 8th November 1835, grew up to marry and have children. Julie Jolin;s husband died in 1866 aged 82 and their daughter Julie Marie inherited Aubin House their family home. In 1876 Julie, then aged 63, was the main beneficiary under the wills of her eldest brother, Daniel, who had owned the brickworks. Her husband's family had also owned a brickworks which was situated half a mile away from her brother's. Julie died on 26th June 1895, aged 82, survived only by one grandchild.
Julie's daughter, Julie Marie, married a farmer, Thomas LE SUEUR, on 25th April 1859. She died in 1878 aged 43. They had three children. The eldest, Julia Sophia Valentine, was awarded a bronze medal at the 1871 Exhibition for a tapestry she had made. She married John DE GRUCHY, Jnr, in 1882. The youngest, Thomas Daniel Jolin, inherited his grandmother Julie Jolin's possessions and emigrated to Australia, where present-day descendents still live.

GEORGE - their sixteenth child, he was baptised 22nd June 1814. He married Nancy Rachel LE CRAS who was born in 1820 in St. Helier. Nancy's father, John Le Cras, born in 1793, was a ship wright and her brother, also a John, born in 1822, was a shoemaker in 1851 and a blacksmith in 1861. George Jolin was a shoemaker in 1851 for several years until about 1849.50 when he began working as a ship's carpenter (a job found for him by his father-in-law?). Both George and his father-in-law had died in the 1850s. George and Nancy had four children, all born in St. Helier:

  1. ANNE - born in 1841
  2. GEORGE JOHN -born 4th November 1841
  3. ELIZA ANN - born 10th January 1847, buried 28th July the same year
  4. ELIZA JANE - born 19th January 1848.

BETSEY MARY - the seventeenth child, baptised 26th May 1816, her godparents were her Uncle, the ill-fated Philippe Jolin who was to be killed by his son in 13 years time, and his wife Elizabeth Betsey Turner

CHARLES JOHN - the eighteenth and last child, baptised 20th January 1818.

PHILIPP - the youngest child of Jacques, jnr, and Alle Le Bailly, he was baptised 18th March 1778,. He married Elizabeth TURNER and had two children, the younger, Betsy Mary, baptised 20th January 1812, died in infancy. Philippe was a blacksmith and suffered from bad health due to attacks of gout caused by heavy drinking. He died 7th september 1829 when he was killed by his son . . . .

Philippe George - the Jolin who was executed

PHILIPPE GEORGE is the skeleton in out cupboard. He was tried and convicted of the murder of his father and became the last person to be publicly executed on Jersey. Baptsied on 5th January 1808 in St. Helier he was only 21 when he died. The long newspaper account of his trail shows him to have had a very unhappy home life with a drunken, bullying father. In 1823 when aged 15, he was a crew member of the brig 'Pelican' under Captain Philippe Manuel. On 2nd May 1825 he was one of a small group of young ment publicly praised for bravery for setting of in a small boat to rescue survivors from the cutter 'Fanny' which had been shipwrecked on 7th January 1825 on the "Les Buits" rocks near Elizabeth Castle whilst coming from St Malo under Captain Destouches.

At the time of the murder he was living at home and waiting to start work in the shop of Philippe Binet. It was another bullying attack by his father which led Philippe, who had been drinking to run off and then return shortly afterwards with a brick which he broke in two and then threw at his father's head, killing him. At his trail on 28th September 1829, at the Royal Court, his captain and shipmates spoke on his behalf and the defence counsel pleaded for a sentence for manslaughter, but he was found guilty of murder. He was executed the following Saturday, 3rd october, on Gallows Hill (Mont Patibulaire) in front of a crowd estimated at the time to be over six thousand strong.

PIERRE - and the move to Southampton
Pierre was the fifth child and younger son of Jacques and Marie Arault and was baptised in 1743. He married Jeanne MALZARD in 1766 in St Helier and they had three sons and two daughter, all baptised in St. Helier:

PIERRE - baptised 20th September 1767, he was orignally a sailor and sailed between the Channel Islands and Southampton where, on 19th November 1797, he married a 25 year old Southampton widow, Mary MORRIS. He became an excise officer and settled in Southampton, where he and Mary had one son, Peter, baptised 17th July 1798. Pierre died of pneumonia in 1844 in Southampton aged 78. His widowed mother Jeanne/Jane had also moved to Southampton and had died there in 1798.

Pierre and Mary's son, Peter, married twice. He was first married on 24th december 1819 in Boldre, Hampshire, to Ursula READ born August 1796, youngest child of Joseph Read and Sarah JENVEY.

Ursula came from a strongly non-conformist family and one-boy and three girls were jointly baptised in St Edmunds Weslyan chapel in Salisbury in 1830, whilst they were living nearby in Alderbury where Peter worked as a shoemaker. In 1840 however, the family were back in Southampton and in May the youngest child, George, died aged just 13 months, to be followed only a month later by Ursula. Ursula's elder sister, Sarah TOURNEFORTE, was widowed by then and she looked after Ursula's children.

Peter left Southampton and eventually went ot Exeter where he married Ann BRADFORD. Their son Peter was born in Exeter where he married Ann BRADFORD. Their son Peter was born in Exeter in 1849. They moved to Penzanze there Peter continued working as a shoemaker and where William Henry was born in 1851, and finally settle in Camborne where three more children were born:

SAMUAL - born 1853, married 1876 in Camborne
FRANCIS EDMUND - born 1855 (see below)
ANGELA - born 1858, (the same year that her step-sister Fanny married in Camborne) she died three years later.

Peter died in 1859 in Camborne, leaving his family poorly off; at age 13 his son Peter worked as a mine labourer and William Henry aged 10 was working as an errand boy. His wife Ann, died in 1907 in Truro aged 82.

One of Peter and ursula's daughters, Emmeline Mary, married William HANKS LEVY who had been blinded as a result of a childhood accident. he was the author of "Blindness and the blind" and for twenty years was the Director of the Association for promoting the general welfare of the blind in London.

FRANCIS EDMUND - born 25th May 1855, he became a carpenter and married Eliza Annie SANDERS on 1st April 1880 in Truro. They had five children, all born in Truro:

  1. FRANCIS JOHN - born 23rd March 1881, died 1956 in Truro
  2. ELIZA MAUD MARY - born 7th May 1883, unmarried, died 1919, Bodmin
  3. ALFRED CHARLES - born 16th June 1886, was a tailor, and married Effie Ellen TEAGUE on 23rd December 1916. They had four children, all born in Castle Street, Truro. Alfred died in June 1960, aged 74 and his wife in December 1963, aged 75, both in Truro. Their descendents still live in Truro.
  4. URSULA ANNETTA - born 26th April 1888.
  5. GLYDIS PEARL - born 5th October 1891, unmarried, died 1935 in Truro.

JACQUES - baptised December 1769, he married maria LANGDON. They had two children who both died in infancy in St. Helier. They then followed brother Pierre to Southampton. Jacques died in 1826, to be followed a year later by Maria who died in the Poor House.

MARIE SUSANNE - baptised September 1772.

JEAN - baptised 5th April 1775.

JEANNE - baptised 8th February 1778.



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